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10/10 for a fantastic Dog Trainer/Therapist

Becky is an absolutely fantastic dog trainer/therapist . I say dog trainer, but she is actually a brilliant people trainer because she helped us to train our 1 year old cockapoo Louie.

Louie started to develop some annoying habits which we couldn't fix, we tried taking him to dog classes but found them pretty useless, because they were teaching standard dog training techniques which were not relevant to him. Becky helped us with a number of issues, in particular stopping Louie from barking continuously in the car whenever we stopped anywhere and barking at anyone walking past the car even when we were sitting in it! Becky also helped us with recall and he can't run to me fast enough when I say 'what's this?' :)

Please do not hesitate to give Becky a call even if you need basic training for your dog, she is so knowledgeable and experienced, you wont be disappointed.

Tia Lee
Brentwood Essex




Our darling rescue dog Angel became extremely unwell with a mystery illness that was baffling our local vet and top veterinary hospital.  It was the most upsetting and distressing time for us as we nearly lost her as her condition deteriorated.  Eventually, after many tests, scans and various hospital stays and great uncertainty we were told that Angel has a rare ‘myositis’ muscle disorder of unknown origin and therefore a long term prognosis cannot be given. 

During this awful time a friend recommended Becky and her work with animals.  Becky came to us between various hospitalization periods and straight away had a wonderful affinity with Angel and our other rescue dog Buddy. The vet hospital were happy for Angel to have Reiki, Canine Flow and Bach Flower remedies tailor made for Angel’s symptoms alongside conventional medicine.   Becky has a wonderful, calm approach and a natural gift for making us all at ease.  Angel was very poorly and responded remarkably to Becky's treatment. I could see her relax and enjoy every minute of her time with her and a great improvement in breathing, temperature and wellbeing after her treatment.   Even Buddy realized something amazing was happening and nuzzled (well barged) into Becky as if to say “I’ll have whatever she’s having”, Becky lovingly gave Buddy some Reiki too.   My husband Ian could see the positive difference in Angel (and Buddy) after each visit.  Becky also gave distance Reiki to Angel when she was hopsitalised.   Since leaving hospital Angel has amazed the vets as she has shown such improvement.  Alongside conventional medicine (which is being gradually reduced as cannot be taken long term) and Becky's wonderful work we believe Angel will continue to improve and live a happy life.  We would  thoroughly recommend Becky, she goes above and beyond in her work and we feel blessed that she has come into our lives.

with love from Linda, Ian, Buddy and Angel


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