In Balance With Nature
In Balance With Nature 

Animal Reiki 

Reiki is a natural and non-invasive Japanese healing practise. It is an entirely safe technique that encourages the body's natural healing abilities


Reiki is not a substitute for veterinary care. If your pet has an illness or injury then veterinary treatment should be sought first

Benefits of Healing for Pets


  • It's safe to use for any condition without any side effects
  • It works on mental and emotional levels as well as the physical body
  • can provide relief from the effects of arthritis, rheumatism and other debilitating conditions
  • can accelerate the healing of post surgical trauma, wounds, breaks and sprains
  • can energize and revitalize an older animal
  • can calm and relax highly strung, hyperactive or stressed animals
  • can help alleviate lethargy and depression
  • can help with with transitions such as moving house, introduction to, or loss of, another pet
  • can help rescued animals adjust to their new surroundings and preparing them for a future in a stable family life
  • can provide comfort, relief from pain, fear or anxiety
  • can comfort them, and their owner, during the transition from this world to the next.

Animal Reiki Treatment


Initial Consultation and Treatment - £40

Subsequent Treatments - £35

Book 5 sessions for £150



All prices cover travel in the Essex area, treatments are available outside of Essex but may incur additional travel costs


Reiki Myths

Only natural born healers can learn reiki

Although some people have more of a natural ability than others, anyone who has the right intention can become a healer

A reiki treatment must be an hour in duration

The length of a treatment will depend on the animal and how much energy they want to accept. When they've had enough they will move away, whether that be after 10 minutes or an hour


There must be 21 days between treatments

Animal healing treatments may need to be done on a regular basis to see the full effects. Usually a minimum of one treatment a week is beneficial but animals that have suffered emotional abuse may take months of therapy. They will let you know when they don't need it anymore because they wont accept anymore treatment


You cannot use reiki for certain illnesses/conditions

Reiki can be used on all people and animals. Our bodies utilise the healing energy in many ways but it can never cause harm


Hands must touch the animal for healing to take place

Reiki works with your hands on or off the animal. Initial sessions are usually done from a short distance to allow the animal to get used to the feeling of the energy, they will then usually decide how they want the treatment. If they want a hands on treatment they will come over and position the area of their body that they want touched under the healers hands, otherwise they will stay laying a short distance away and enjoy it from there 


You cannot use other treatments when having reiki

Reiki will not interfere with any medication or other treatments being given but a vet must agree for the reiki to be carried out

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