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In Balance With Nature 

Canine Flow



What Is Canine Flow?

Canine Flow is a new heart-focused technique to dog behaviour enhancement and care.

Using this technique we can influence and transform your dogs emotional energies, and in turn can influence and transform their behaviour.
Traditionally dog behaviour and training has focused mostly on a dog’s mental and physical energies. Influencing those energies to flow and be balanced through commands, games, diet and appropriate exercise or activities.

We believe that there is room for a new third energy to be considered as well, the dog’s emotional energy. The dogs ability to live life by sensing what is around them and acting upon that feedback in order to always feel safe.

Scientific research proves that the heart is 5000 times stronger than the brain, meaning that emotions and feelings are the ultimate driver of behaviours and actions in all species.
An emotion is felt; feelings and emotions are one in the same. With the raise in the vibration of planet, the rise in stress levels across the globe, a lack of contact with the earth, the increase in wifi, mobile phones, noise pollution, and other un-natural frequencies, our dogs are finding reading or sensing their world increasingly difficult. They are becoming more and more sensitive and more reactive to their feelings.


By influencing the energy of those feelings we can transform a dog’s behaviour, increase their ability to learn and release any stuck emotional energies, bringing them into balance and allowing for emotional Flow once again.


Your dog has the biggest heart per body mass of any animal.They really do ‘know’ how you feel and what is going on around them, constantly reading the frequencies with their huge hearts, their inner ear magnetite and their vno organ.
You can have a calmer, happier dog by increasing the time they spend at Peace and by learning great ways to allow them to ground and express their emotions, in dog-like ways.


Although Canine Flow was developed predominantly for dogs, because it works with the animals emotions and feelings it can be used on other animals as well. 

I have personally used this method on Cats, Horses and my own Goat with great levels of success.



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